Talent is the key to your organization’s long term success. But the risks and costs of hiring the wrong person – someone who misses opportunities or who fails to develop strong teams and partners to achieve results – are significant. Amrop Knightsbridge partners with Canada’s most successful organizations to place the right people in strategic roles across all sectors. Our unmatched combination of expertise, process, and passion delivers superior candidates, every time. With more than 30 years in executive search, we start by building a deep understanding of your strategic priorities, culture, and technical requirements. We apply experience and expertise to focus on the right skills and leadership style for a specific role at a particular time in your organization’s life. Our 15 dedicated search partners across Canada have an average of 20 years of search experience.  Because we’re part of Knightsbridge, we can provide you with the insight and expertise of experienced psychologists and executive coaches to help new executives move fast and seamlessly into critical roles.

We Cast a Wider Net

  • Many search firms follow well-worn paths in their pursuit of candidates. We tap the usual sources – but only as a beginning. We also perform exhaustive research and candidate identification and we validate and refine our research strategy by connecting with industry experts. 
  • An exclusive and invaluable resource in our search work is our Knightsbridge network of hundreds of consultants, plus current and former clients, program alumni and friends of the firm. This web of contacts produces extraordinary results, unmatched by traditional methods. 
  • The Knightsbridge network consistently amazes clients with the richness and quality of connections and candidates it can produce. 

We Simply Select Better

  • We are more discerning; we apply our resources and rigorous process to select better than other search firms. We leverage the full range of Knightsbridge’s resources and capabilities to assess for the skills and leadership style specific to your needs. Then we conduct in-depth reference checks and, at your request, use licensed psychologists and coaches to further validate candidates for fit.
  • You see only the best. The stakes are too high for anything less.
  • The care we take produces a corollary benefit. Many candidates comment on the Amrop Knightsbridge experience – and the positive impact it has on their impression of our clients.

We Have More at Stake

  • We have more on the line than search-only firms. As part of Knightsbridge we know our performance will impact your perception of our entire firm – so your satisfaction comes first.
  • Some firms may leave you in the dark. Not us. Our Partner-led approach ensures an experienced senior partner is hands-on throughout your entire search. You’ll get weekly updates on where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and who we’ve engaged as prospective candidates.
  • Some might call this high-touch. We call it the Knightsbridge way.

We Don’t Stop There

  • Our search team can help you leverage the entire range of Knightsbridge assessment, coaching and organizational development expertise to ensure you integrate new executives seamlessly, and hit the ground running. During those critical first weeks and beyond, our support runs as broad and deep as your requirements.

A Canadian Firm with a Global Network

  • Amrop Knightsbridge is the ideal partner for international search projects. You get the best of both: Knightsbridge’s local knowledge and network, process and discipline, plus the network of Amrop, the world’s largest executive search organization. Amrop has 250 partners operating out of 89 offices in 57 countries across the globe.