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Amrop Awards Presented During Annual General Assembly in Istanbul


Amrop recently welcomed 135 Partners from around the world at its annual General Assembly and World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. With the theme ‘Amrop 2020’, Amrop’s senior consultants discussed long-term strategy and growth, as well as the changing landscape of the executive search industry. The annual meeting is an important venue for cooperation and the exchange of ideas across the 55-country global network of firms.

Amrop also honored its top performers with the annual Amrop Awards, distributed during a gala evening event in Istanbul.

The 2010 Chairman’s Award for outstanding contribution to the Group was awarded to Nanno de Vries (Switzerland). Since joining Amrop in 1994, Nanno has played a major role in extending and consolidating the global network of the Group. He is also an active member of Amrop’s Brand & Marketing Committee, responsible for setting strategy and implementation of Amrop’s new brand. Nanno’s specialties are Board searches and C-Suite assignments in the Industrial, Consumer Goods and High-Tech sectors.

The 2010 Anthony Saxton Award recognizing the spirit of cooperation in shared and exported assignments within the Group was awarded to Guenther Tengel, Managing Partner of Amrop Jenewein in Austria.

In addition, eight Partners were recognized for their accomplishments in cross-border assignments: Nanno de Vries (Switzerland), Eskil Westh (Denmark), Matthias Ruppert (Germany), Jan Lubbers (Netherlands), Svein Ruud (Sweden), Jose Leyun (Spain), Jee Tu Wong (Singapore), Niels Bentzen (Denmark).

Ulrich Dade, Amrop Chairman, commented, “These award winners represent the best of Amrop. They symbolize Amrop’s commitment to excellence and our ability to work together seamlessly across our large global network. We are proud of their accomplishments, and we were particularly pleased to present these awards during our World Conference in Istanbul.”